“To know that even one life has breathed easier because you lived. This is to have succeeded.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thank you for visiting my personal web site. In addition to sharing my philosophy and interests, I hope we are simpatico. Hopefully, you will enjoy and benefit from some of the writing and fund-raising tips. Because I love to cook, I posted a special recipe, too.

My philosophy is to be thankful for every day and to make a positive difference. My strengths are writing, public speaking, and photography. My passions are promoting aviation, humane education, heritage preservation and cooking.

Because I write every day, my daily “editorial prayer” is: “God, please grant me the serenity to accept the people I cannot change: The courage to change the person who can be changed; The wisdom to know that person is me; And, enough English expertise to know ‘me’ is the incorrect pronoun!”

 In addition to earned academic credentials and University teaching experience, my past newspaper, radio and live television broadcast background, are skills which are important to accomplishing my many projects.

One of my radio station managers over my ten+ years of on-air programs said, “Penny is extremely organized. She works well with our staff, community leaders and volunteers. She ascertains the needs of our community. Dr. Penny produces and hosts our weekly public affairs programming. She sees that our federal broadcast requirements are met. She is involved in our community both as an outstanding volunteers and business leader.” Nice words and radio offered great experience at that time of pre-digital and black and white photographs!

Recently, the Greater Granby Area Chamber of Commerce honored me with their rare Lifetime Achievement Award.
In addition to being listed to many Who’s Who (WW of American Women, Business and Professional Achievers, In the World, International Professional & Business Women, American Education, Empowering Executives and Professionals, In America, In the West, Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs), earning a US Small Business Administration Media Advocate award prompted then Governor, Kay Orr, the first Republican woman to be elected Governor in the United States, to send me a personal letter of congratulations. She wrote, “Your support of business through your writing expertise, your business enterprise and volunteer service to the community is an example for others to follow.” I am blessed to continue to use my energy and special skills to publish photographs, magazine articles and books.

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Thank you again for your visit to this site.